Christians Have a Problem With Porn

I read a statistic the other day of the percentage of Christians that watch or masturbate to pornography, and the number was staggering. One in four Christians have a habit of watching porn.

This is an epidemic within the church. We Christians tend to think that since we go to church and try to live a good life that we can decide what is right and what is wrong. That’s not the case.

God doesn’t look at our sins in grade-levels. He doesn’t see a gay man committing a sin any less than another man that is cheating on his wife. As a Christian, we can’t pick and choose which sins are tolerable. To follow in Christ’s path we need to look at ourselves in the mirror, and we need to start cleaning up our life.

For the sake of privacy, I’ll call him Jon, he recently got addicted to porn, and his poor wife doesn’t know what to do. It’s sites like Brazzers Discounted that got him hooked on monthly porn memberships.

I sat down with Jon the other day to discuss his actions and what it is doing to his wife and potentially his kids. These types of sins travel further than just himself. I told him that he needs to hold himself accountable for his actions.

His wife and him agreed to meet up with me once a month to counsel their relationship and their family. I have a lot of hope for Jon. Realizing and trying to fix his problem puts him years ahead of other individuals that are committing sin like this.

We need to keep our men strong in the church, and topics like these are rarely brought up, but need to be. The men are the backbone of our families, and we cannot walk step and step with the Lord without both the man and woman taking part.